Case Study:
Deep Sea Digital Video Machines



Name St. Malo Aquarium
Installation Alcorn McBride sarl
Programming H. Corrado


Nautibus is an attraction at the Aquarium of Saint Malo that allows visitors to explore the seabed in a submarine.

Upon arrival, visitors enter a preshow area with surprising decorations. The sound environment evokes a submarine, with the noise of machines and instruments. Instructions fon beginning their exploration are communicated in the form of a video message available while pressing on a large mushroom button. The message is sourced from a DVM which contains a play-list that manages the playback of the message and then returns to an attract loop as soon as the video instructions are finished.

The guests are invited to board small underwater cabins and begin their exploration of the seabed. At the beginning of the journey a video message played on the LCD screen of the cabin welcomes them. Later, this screen displays information about the dive.

At the end of the voyage, another video message informs the visitors on the unloading procedure.


The black area covers the staircase which gives access the underwater section.
If cabin power is lost, an emergency message is played.

The major constraints on this installation were that the video players needed to be very small and reliable, yet operate off of 12 volts. The solution use Digital Video Machines and 10.4 inch LCD monitos. For safety reasons, the unit has its own power supply (able to deliver 20A, a safety factor higher than 4). If cabin power is lost, an emergency message is played. Each of the 12 submarines has an identical audio/video system.


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