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Winston Thunder Theater
Portable Theater

When NASCAR enthusiasts rally to cheer on their favorite cars and drivers, they'll be treated to another entertainment first, the portable, 207-seat RJ Reynolds Winston Thunder Theater.

Billed as the "world's largest traveling movie screen", this mobile theater is a totally self-contained, free standing, three-story structure that is transported from each Winston Cup Track event to the next via seven tractor-trailer units. Traveling with the NASCAR circuit, the Winston Thunderdome Theater is a massive 100-by-115-foot portable venue that requires six semi trailer trucks to haul and operate.

A ten-minute film gives NASCAR fans an explosive glimpse of a day at the races on a 70 mm film screen. But the clincher is the unequalled audio experience: You'd have to be in the pits, or even in the cars themselves, to experience anything similar.

The film's score features radio communication between car teams and drivers; the urgent, screeching sounds of a pit crew desperately trying to get a car back on the track; the bone-rattling rumble following the command to start the engines; and the aural equivalent of what a car crash sounds like-when it's your car. The film, titled No Bull, compresses six four-hour races into a compact, emotional package with sound bites that leave tooth marks.

An Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop stores the film's digital audio. The show is controlled by an Alcorn McBride IO64 and V16+.

Three trucks form the theater. One serves as the front of the theater. A 55-by-25-foot film screen hangs from its side. Truck Two folds out to create a 195-seat stadium area. The third truck is parked behind and parallel to the first. It holds the projection booth (fitted with redundant 70 mm projectors) and electronic equipment.

Parallel parking these semis is no small feat; they are lined up with lasers when they arrive at each new venue. Two other trucks in the convoy carry other equipment and supplies; a sixth is the rolling air-conditioning system for the theater and technical trucks.

the world's largest traveling movie screen
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