Case Study:
A Chateau in the Loire Valley

Bideau S.A. performs the majority of its installations in the Loire Valley, a fact which is not overlooked by Alcorn McBride employees when they decide which installations to visit. That's how Steve Alcorn ended up helping with the programming of the new system installed at the castle of Montsoreau. 

Built in the 10th century, the castle of Montsoreau was used as the setting for the Alexander Dumas novel "The Lady of Montsoreau", which begins with the 1576 murder of Bussy d' Amboise by the Count de Montsoreau (which actually occurred at the castle of Coutancière in Brain-on-Alonnes!) The new visitor center, which will open to the public during the summer of 2001, tells the history of famous inhabitants of the castle.

A single V16+ controls multi-channel video, lighting, slide projection and animated mechanical elements. An 8TraXX stores the audio used during the visit, and DVM2s are used as the video sources.

One of the rooms presents an interesting dialogue between three framed portraits. As the visitors pass, the subjects come to life and begin to argue over the precise details on their marital history...! 

the setting for the Alexander Dumas novel
Name Montsoreau
Installation Bideau S.A.
Programming S. Alcorn
H. Corrado
Audio 8-TraXX
Video DVM
Show Control V16+
Steve, Gerard and Henry, rolls of cable in hand, try to look like they're working.

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