Case Study:
Mono Lake Visitor Center
High Definition Theater

The Mono Lake Visitor Center in Lee Vining, California introduces 140,000 visitors a year to the unique eco system of Mono Lake Basin. National Forest Service interpretive specialists provide tours and orientation to guests, but with a limited staff, it didn't make sense to tie up one employee to do nothing but run their theater projection system. That's why they chose a fully automated system designed by VTA of Atlanta, Georgia.

The system is built around Alcorn McBride equipment, including the Digital Video Machine HD. The DVM/HD presents 30 minutes of stunning images with full surround sound. The Digital Video Machine HD is also in use at many National Parks around the country, including Yosemite, Ellis Island and Mount Rushmore.

The system is built around Alcorn McBride equipmen
Name National Forest Service
Installation VTA
Video DVM/HD

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