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Mercedes-Benz Center
Sylvie Fleury Video Installation

Sylvie Fleury's works - pictorial objects and sculptures, mural painting and videos, photography and installations - are collected and exhibited by all major museums around the world. Commissioned by DaimlerChrysler France, Sylvie Fleury produced a series of six video works for the new Mercedes-Benz Brand Centre.

In these works, the artist blends the appeal of legendary Mercedes-Benz cars with the latest contemporary ideas from the worlds of art and fashion in an approach that is as enigmatic as it is elegant.

Fleury celebrates and demonstrates life as an obsession - she is fashion victim and passionate car buff, a keen admirer and connoisseur of art, an esoteric guru and apologist of »anything goes«.

The new Sylvie Fleury video works blends the appeal of legendary Mercedes-Benz automobiles - from Lightning Benz via Gullwing to C 111 - with the latest contemporary ideas from the worlds of art and fashion. At the historical Mercedes-Benz models' authentic locations in Stuttgart - the showrooms, workshops and test track of the Classic Centre in Fellbach near Stuttgart - Fleury has female models in trendy outfits conduct and perform classically 'male' activities in a kind of minimalist choreography: Gullwings rise and descend like futuristic angels; the models polish the gleaming curves of classic cars with their hands; cosmetics are crashed by wide racing tyres; engines are revved up; silver baubles are swept through the workshops. The models are actors at times and emotionless spectators at others. The conspicuous feature of all video works is the relinquishment of the eventful ›story‹ in favour of the simplest, stoically repeated actions and gestures. This gives the videos their spacey, surrealistic and somewhat occult character.

Three Digital Video Machines and an InterActivator were installed in a transportable rack that toured the world for about a year. One system is now installed in Paris, the other in Berlin at the Potsdamer Platz.

enigmatic and elegant
Name Mercedes-Benz
Installation I. Pullwire
Programming B. Buggy


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