Case Study:
The Castle of Malbrouk
In Menderen
The Chateau...

The castle of Malbrouk at Menderen is located at a few hundred meters from France's border with Germany. The imposing castle, built in the 15th century, was intended to resist a siege of several days.

Perhaps because of the many legends surrounding the castle, residents of the region are quite fond of it, so much so that they undertook a complete restoration beginning in 1996.

The castle tour includes several audiovisual presentations including an impressive model constructed from mesh, which describes the various parts of the building to an accompanying light show. Each of the model chambers is illuminated by fiber optics, while areas are lit using conventional lighting.

The original exhibit used a microcomputer, but its operation was problematical. Contractor MPM was hired to correct it. "The operation was problematic and became erratic," explained Laurent Capron, technical director in charge of installation. "We preferred to replace the entire device with Alcorn McBride products, because we know their reliability from other applications. We were not mistaken; the programming of the system took a few hours and the problems of stability and functionality are ancient history, to the great satisfaction of our customer."

The installation includes an IO64, a DMX Machine and an Audio Machine. The show programming is stored in the IO64; it controls the DMX Machine and the Audio Machine, which contains three versions of the show, in different languages.

We preferred to replace the entire device with Alcorn McBride
Name Menderen
Installation MPM
Director L. Capron
Audio AM4
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control IO64
...and the model

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