Case Study:
Louis Armstrong House
A Museum in Queens

Louis Armstrong's house in Queens is now a historic museum. It's a national historic landmark and a New York City landmark, open to the public six days per week, and viisted by people from all over the world.

Louis loved his reel-to-reel tape decks and taped hundreds of hours of his life at home and on the road: telling jokes and band stories backstage, talking on the telephone, playing with the family dog, etc.

When the house was restored and turned into a museum, a hidden audio system was added. The system is driven by a rack of Alcorn McBride Audio Machines. Excerpts from Louis' home-recorded tapes are played in various rooms as visitors tour the Louis Armstrong House.

In the Dining Room, visitors hear Louis eating dinner, in his den, they hear him practicing his trumpet and reminicing about events in his life. The audio program really makes the house museum "come alive." Some visitors burst into tears at the wonder of it all. You can hear some the the audio clips at

Some visitors burst into tears at the wonder of it all.
Name Louis Armstrong House
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Installation Louis Armstrong House Museum
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