Case Study:
A Letter From A Client
Museum fur Kommunikation Frankfurt

The “Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation” can be described as a “public-private partnership” with four owned exhibition centres in Germany enjoying high reputation and visitors.

One of these centres, our “Museum fur Kommunikation Frankfurt” has opened on the 4th of July 2004 its new permanent exhibition. While preparing it, our IT Technician Joachim Wissel became acquainted with your staff-member Steffen Herzer. It can be said that due to the wide professional competence and profound knowledge of the latter, not only the Alcorn equipment used in the actual exhibition but also earlier acquired devices could be integrated and are since in use to our complete satisfaction. The merits of Mr. Herzers two days presence during the preparatory phase of the exhibition in our premises, his project-linked suggestions and advice given to our IT specialist and to the outside installation company resulted in a real through-break for the complete technology served available by your products.

Please consider these lines as the expression of gratitude to your company and your representative Mr. Herzer, whom we — without exaggeration — consider one of the pillars of the success of our exhibition.

Yours very sincerely,

Dr. Helmut Gold

Please consider these lines as the expression of gratitude to your company
Name Museum fur Kommunikation
Contact Museum
Distributor COMM-TEC
Programming S. Herzer
Audio 8-TraXX
Video DVM
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control V16+

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