Case Study:
Mystery Lodge
Knott's Berry Farm

Perhaps the greatest themed entertainment show ever created debuted in the GM pavilion at Expo 86 in Vancouver, British Columbia. 'Spirit Lodge' quickly became the talk of the Expo, and queue lines of several hours were common. The show was created by Bob Rogers of BRC Imagination Arts.

With the closing of the Expo, the show was gone but not forgotten. So it was a thrill to see it revived, in even better form, for Knott's Berry Farm's Mystery Lodge.

In Mystery Lodge, smoke curls into mysterious images of salmon swimming upstream, or whales leaping from the water to visually aid an elderly Indian narrator as he tells the story of his life. The smoke images even seem to interact with him... until he disappears.

Multi-channel audio is sourced from an Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop and controlled by a V4+.

smoke curls into mysterious images
Name Knott's Berry Farm
Designer BRC
Installation Electrosonic
Show Control V4+


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