Case Study:
Fox Sports Network
Boston Metro Area

Fox Sports Network is available on Cable and DSS Broadcast, providing access to local and national sports games through multi-channel subscriptions delivered to homes and sports venues throughout the world. They also sponsor many events at these venues, to promote their network and local business in the demographic areas they provide service to.

VideoSonic was asked to develop an Interactive Kiosk that would provide Internet communications as well as 3 way Video Conferencing between kiosks in remote locations back to the Fox Networks studios. Interviews and comments are recorded to DVR and later broadcast over the Fox Network. Several nights each week the Kiosks go “live” and real-time interactivity is broadcast.

The studio has remote control over the kiosk camera's pan, tilt and zoom functions, as well as launching .avi files on the kiosk monitor, or messages on its LED display.

The remote and local operations are supervised and controlled by an Alcorn McBride V4+ connected to a host PC running Director and using VideoSonic’s Director Plug-In, allowing the PC to communicate to the V4+ using Alcorn 9-Bit Protocol through its serial port.

The V4+ responds to button inputs and illuminates kiosk lighting through its I/O ports. The serial ports communicate with the kiosk's camera, video switcher, and LED display. A key switch located on the back of the kiosk puts the operation into Live Mode, selects the proper routing on the switcher, illuminates the Kinoflow lights, and disables the local kiosk functions.

The installation was performed by Videosonic, a design and installation firm located in New York and headed by Glenn Polly.

The studio has remote control over the kiosk camera's pan, tilt and zoom
Name Fox Sports Network
Installation Videosonic
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