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GPS Guided Audio Tours

Adventurous drivers can now tour San Diego, guided by their vehicle. Intellitours has installed our AM-4 Digital Audio Machines in vehicles operated by TourCoupes.

Tour Coupes let drivers experience the destinations, shops and restaurants in any order they like, accompanied by an audio narration.

Every Tour Coupe has a proprietary GPS navigation system from IntelliTours that blend satellite signals, high-tech touring and old-fashioned storytelling. As it senses a "place," the system delivers narration, music, archival audio, sound effects — even video, photos and maps — that bring the place you are seeing alive. History, landmarks and stories appear on the very spots where they were created.

The audio playback is triggered automatically by GPS signals. There are hundreds of different recordings, and the AM-4 understands not only location, but also direction of travel.

Think of a Tour Coupe as a native that wants to show you all the great local sights and share with you the rich history that tourists might miss. The coupes provide visitors and locals alike with a fun, new way to explore the cities, beaches and history of vacation towns along the West Coast.

Available in a fun array of five sporty colors –red, , orange yellow, blue and green– you can sit back and let the coupe do the talking while you enjoy the ride!

the AM-4 understands not only location, but also direction of travel
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