Case Study:
The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

When we were kids, science was education. Today, kids want entertainment. Advanced Animations brings the two together in something they call "edutainment" -- the ability to learn science and at the same time have a lot of fun.

Today's museums are adding entertainment to their exhibits, while theme parks are incorporating educational content into their attractions. Advanced Exhibits, a division of Advanced Animations, has developed an innovative edutainment exhibition for science centers and theme parks that is quickly becoming one of the most talked about events in every city it tours. Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body takes a fascinating dive into the human body, tackling those gross topics that adults avoid and kids love.

Parents may already be familiar with Sylvia Branzei's best-selling book, Grossology -- the inspiration behind this touring exhibition. A physical extension of the book, the exhibition explains to children ages 6 to 14 how and why their bodies do those silly things they do. It's science in disguise -- and it's working. It's in such popular demand, a second tour has now been added. The exhibition has already set new all-time attendance records at science centers across North America!

In order to create such an imaginative setting, designers used some advanced behind-the-scenes technology, including Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machines.

Associates in Media Engineering (now a part of Electrosonic) did the installation.

It's science in disguise
Name Advanced Animations
Installation AME
Programming B. Lien
Video DVMs

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