Case Study:
Shopping Center

A shopping centre in the southern part of Nantes, France offers visitors a unique attraction: Grospinville.

Grospinville is an underground city located in the basement of the shopping centre. A network of caves are connected by passages which allow visitors to view animated scenes.

Multiscenic developed the systems lighting and control of the various shows. After having attended one of Alcorn McBride SARL's seminars, George Vautrin undertook the show programming, which includes the synchronization of the characters and various effects, advanced switching functions governing the interconnection of the scenes, handling degraded operating modes, maintenance and safety. The system installed by Multiscenic includes a V16+, two IO64s, a DMX Machine and an 8TraXX. The requirement was to provide a system that was reliable and easy to use.

After a year of operation, it is easy to see that the objective was accomplished.

an underground city
Name Grospinville
Installation Multiscenic
Programming George Vautrin
Audio 8-TraXX
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control


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