Case Study:
The Grand Princess
Live Theater Control

As Princess Cruise Line’s newest, largest, and most luxurious ship it was only appropriate that the Grand Princess get a grand show. "Lights Camera Action" combines singing, dancing, and Alcorn McBride show control to provide an intense theatrical experience. During the show, passengers are taken into the movies of yesterday and today through a montage of action, adventure, western, romance, and horror. The show is staged in the 800-seat Princess Theatre.

An Alcorn McBride V16+ taking SMPTE cues from a SMPTE Machine provides the show control. The V16 controls , an audio/video mixer, an audio/video router, and video sources. During the show video from different cameras around the theatre is mixed live, to give the audience an excellent view of all the action on stage. This live video is supplemented with movie clips.

Two of the projectors are permanently mounted, providing live camera shots and the occasional movie clip on two large screens either side of the stage. The other two are mobile, and are used live on stage during some of the dance numbers. At some points in a song a video clip also pops up on a small screen held by a dancer, adding multimedia to the already spectacular dance routine.

Lights Camera Action was programmed by our European Applications Engineer, Jeremy Vierck, who was forced to spend two weeks cruising around the Caribbean during the installation. Gee, Jeremy, what a tough assignment.

During the show video from different cameras around the theatre is mixed live
Name Princess Cruises
Programming J. Vierck
Show Control

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