Case Study:
Images Studio Ride

The Images Studio ride, recently reopened after a major rehab, is one of the major attractions at Futuroscope in Poitiers, France. Visitors sit in a two-seat vehicle to experience a ten minute ride about cinema special effects.

Each of the 50 vehicles is equipped with an Alcorn McBride Audio Machine. Throughout the ride, the Machines are triggered by a detector on the rail to play the soundtrack. The amplifier integrated into the Audio Machine directly feeds the vehicle speakers at a comfortable sound level.

Sound effects hidden the the fixed scenery are reproduced by two Alcorn McBride 8TraXX multi-channel audio players. A Digital Binloop is also used for scenes which must be synchronized with cinematic projectors.

About sixty independent channels of video playback throughout the ride originate from 15 Alcorn McBride DVM4s. The video is displayed on a mixture of monitors and projection screens. The installation was performed by ETC, which had already used DVM4s in other attractions at the park.

sixty independent channels of video playback
Name Futuroscope
Installation ETC


Video DVMs
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