Case Study:
America's Screampark

Frightworld, America's Screampark, wanted something new for the eighth season of their five haunted attractions in Buffalo, New York, so owners Ron Doherty and Jason Anderson turned to Bill Rodriguez. As a former student of Steve Alcorn's Theme Park Design Workshop, Bill was well equipped to design a system that would perfectly fit his client's needs.

The five haunted attractions include The House Of The Dead, Wicked Woods, Return of Mummy's Curse, Phobia'z and the infamous psychotic freak show and clown house CarnEVIL in 3-D. Danny Decker, a manager at Frightworld, suggested that Bill create seven mini shows that would run throughout the night at each attraction.

Bill researched equipment to run DMX lighting, accept inputs and outputs, connect to a wireless remote control, and play high quality audio files. It didn't take him long to settle on Alcorn McBride. And since Alcorn McBride's equipment is used in all of the world's best theme parks, it was easy for him to sell the idea to his client.

Bill knew right away he'd made the right decision when he called Alcorn McBride's technical support department to ask some questions. They helped him make all the right equipment choices. He decided to purchase a DMX Machine, a Digital Audio Machine, and an InterActivator. He also purchased a wireless remote from Gilderfluke to interface with the InterActivator. This allowed his client to trigger sequences anywhere in his 108,000 sq ft building.

Bill programmed an E-Stop feature in case of mishaps during a show. It stops the audio and sets the lighting back to normal. Alcorn McBride’s WinScript programming software made it a breeze to implement.

Bill's clients are delighted with the results and Bill really enjoyed using Alcorn McBride equipment. He'll be back whenever he needs show control.

Videos on Frightworld:

Bill really enjoyed using Alcorn McBride equipment
Name Frightworld
Installation Bill Rodriguez
Audio AM4
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control InterActivator

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