Case Study:
An Unusual Design Challenge

Fossiloscope of Creusot is an attraction that presents recent fossil discoveries.

The challenge for creator Michel Kouklia was to make use of a long concrete corridor already in place. The space was transformed into a kind of laboratory which one reaches after a short presentation in a lift covered with mirrors.

The trip down the corridor takes the form of a voyage in time, with interactive experiments provided using video. A V16+ and DMX Machine control all the equipment (video, audio, optical theatre, séance tables, doors, etc.) The attraction operates without any on site technical support. The installation was done by ETC.

The Fossiloscope is a good example of an interesting attraction built on a tight budget. The use of Alcorn McBride equipment made it possible to reduce both programming time and the cost of maintenance.

The challenge was to make use of a long concrete corridor
Name Fossiloscope
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