Case Study:
Rock and Roll
Museum of Florida History

The Museum of Florida History, pays tribute to fifty years of popular music in the Sunshine State.

The exhibit story line follows the arrival of Elvis Presley in Florida; the roots of early R&B and soul acts: the folk-rock era; the birth of "garage bands," the "southern rock" phenomenon; the emergence of disco and jazz-rock fusion; the arrival of the crossover, Latin-Pop Sound; Afro-Caribbean Worldbeat; 1980s rap groups; and the 1990s explosion of commercial pop acts.

The show control and audio system was designed and installed by Lynn Rogers Design & Consulting, assisted by Alcorn McBride's engineers. It includes a Digital Binloop with 6 reproducers, and a V16+. The V16+ talks serially to four listening stations with keypads. In a timeline scene, several contact closures cause the V16+ to play back various songs on the sixth reproducer.

The keypads, using RS-422, signal the V16+ to start audio in two of the Binloop reproducers.  Three stereo reproducers play synchronously looping tracks of a combo. Six buttons control which tracks are audible. When all six buttons are pressed, the result is a thumping rendition of Heartbreak Hotel. 

the result is a thumping rendition of Heartbreak Hotel
Name Museum of Florida History
Contact Museum_Of_FL_History
Installation Lynn Rogers Design & Consulting

J. Scheinberg
C. Harden

Audio Binloop
Show Control V16+

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