Case Study:
Expo 2005
Parkwide Systems

Many pavilions at the 2005 World's Fair in Aïchi, Japan, selected Alcorn McBride for their audio and video. French subsidiary Alcorn McBride s.a.r.l was employed by the Dutch and French pavilion, each of which used several of our high-definition players. Greece was a first-time customer, and used Alcorn McBride extensively throughout.


In the French pavilion six synchronized Digital Video Machine/HDs are used to cover the walls and ceiling of an immense room. Two projectors are used for each screen to increase brightness. A V16+ controls the DVM/HDs and a DVM2 used in the preshow. A SMPTE Machine ensures synchronization of video and audio.


Name Expo 2005
  H. Corrado
S. Harkless
Audio Binloop


Show Control V16+


The entire pavilion is outfitted with Alcorn McBride audio and video sources (standard and hi-def), show and lighting control.


The Dutch pavilion presents an impressive film projected on a fifteen meter screen attached to the floor. The close proximity to guests, who are only a few meters from the image, led contractor HVB to design an "ultra high-resolution" system, comprised of four synchronized Digital Video Machine/HD players. The projectors used allow seaming of the images so it is practically impossible to tell that the result is a combination of four separate images.

The main projection is supplemented by four plasma screens installed in the center of the room, each driven by one channel from a Digital Video Machine 4.

The show is controlled by a V16+ and DMX Machine.


Synchronized DVM/HDs provide ultra-high-definition images.



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