Case Study:
Expo 2000
Parkwide Systems

As with every World Expo since 1990, Alcorn McBride was well-represented at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. 

Alcorn McBride Show Controllers and DVM2s are used throughout the Theme Area. 70 Digital Video Machines provide video throughout the Science Pavilion. Digital Video Machines and Alcorn McBride Show Controllers operate the Africa, Austria, Canada and France Pavilions. 29 Audio Mahines and Alcorn McBride Show Controllers are used throughout the Brazil Pavilion.

Name Expo 200
Installation COMM-TEC
Audio Digital Audio Machines
Video Digital Video Machines
Lighting DMX Machines
Show Control


Discovery of a New World

There are 72, freely mobile, interactive information robots that find their way around the hall through radio control.

Each one of the robots is equipped with a Digital Video Machine which is the source of the projection from the inside of the robot.

They roll around the hall, communicate with the visitors and meet with other robots in small swarms again and again to regroup. 



The Eggs under show lighting
Hundreds of Alcorn McBride products were used

Rainforest House

In a project outside the EXPO, the "Rainforest House" in the Manor-houses Gardens uses a Digital Video Machine DVM2 to play an animated film. The film is synchronized with a hydraulic platform on which the spectators are seated; this provides a more realistic experience. 


Lithuanian Pavilion

To obtain the realistic flight experience 7 Digital Video Machines (DVM2), 4 DVM2L's, and one Digital Audio Machine were used. The central topic of the Lithuanian exhibition is "The Flight". The desires and ideals of Lithuanians are learned through audio and video on this virtual flight through the past, present and future of the country.

Austrian Pavilion

At the largest pavilion, Austria introduced itself as a country of art under the title "Experience Austria" and presented its most beautiful art, cultural, and economic treasures. The equipment required for the multimedia presentation was 23 Digitally Video Machines (DVM2) and one Digital Binloop DBS 24. 



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