Case Study:
Expo 98
USA Pavilion

For Expo ’98, Videosonic designed and installed a completely automated A/V distribution system at the USA Pavilion in Lisbon, Portugal. The installation showcases a wide range of Alcorn McBride Equipment. Two Video Binloops source 24 channels of audio and video material with additional A/V sources coming from Laserdisc Players and a Digital Video Machine. An Autopatch A/V-Matrix patches source audio and video to certain destinations. Program material is piped through a 35-channel RF distribution system to individual exhibits.

The Master Show Controller is the industry standard Alcorn McBride V16, which provides automated control of the entire system, waking it up in the morning and putting it to bed at night. Dennis Flood of Videosonic developed a custom Graphical User Interface (GUI) for this installation that allows access to the entire system through the V16. The GUI communicates with the V16 using Alcorn McBride's protocols exactly like another show controller would. It can reset variables, start or stop sequences, and is an incredibly powerful tool for providing a user with a flexible, automated A/V system. This GUI features a floor plan of the USA Pavilion in which certain areas highlight if the cursor moves over them. Clicking in these areas brings the user to the control screen for that room. On the control screen, large pushbuttons allow access to frequently used functions. Pull-down menus allow users to access more in-depth controls. A simulated LCD screen on the GUI displays selected A/V sources for each room. This information is stored as text strings within the V16 and is sent to the GUI once an event has occurred. The GUI then parses these messages and displays them on the proper screens.

Interactive video exhibits are made possible by an IO64 that interfaces with motion detectors and other sensors to cue the V16 to start and stop program material sourced by the Digital Binloops.

The main attraction at the USA pavilion is the Oceans Theater where sixty times a day, 200 visitors experience "Planet Ocean". Theater Automation is provided by an Alcorn McBride V4 show controller which controls the LDP's and the ETC Dimmer Packs.

The system installed by Videosonic at EXPO '98 is an excellent demonstration of the power and flexibility of Alcorn McBride equipment.

VideoSonic Systems, Inc. was formed in 1981 by Glenn Polly, to support the audio visual and interactive electronic requirements of the museum, exhibition, trade show and retail display industries.  Multimedia Production Group was formed as a division of VideoSonic in 1990, to produce and create audio visual software and “killer application programming”, required for interactive displays. Together they provide design, detailing, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of Audio Visual, Interactive Multimedia, and Electronic Subsystems for location based entertainment complexes (LBE’s), Family Entertainment Center’s (FEC’s), and retail marketing applications.

The installation was performed by Videosonic, a design and installation firm located in New York and headed by Glenn Polly.


an excellent demonstration of the power and flexibility of Alcorn McBride equipment
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