Case Study:
Escal' Atlantic
Cruise Ship Museum in Brittany
Steve Alcorn and Henry Corrado in the Escal' Atlantic Equipment Room..

Escal' Atlantic is a cruise ship museum in St. Nazare, Brittany, France. One of the largest single-equipment room installations of Alcorn McBride anywhere, it contains over 70 pieces of our audio, video, control and lighting equipment.

Guests tour a complete replica of a cruise ship: accommodations, engine room, bridge, dining room, promenade. They even take a ride in a lifeboat to evacuate the ship during an emergency!

The museum was designed by François Seigneur and François Confino, who also worked on the “cine cites” exhibits in Paris and Montreal. 

As the passengers climb the gangway to the queue area they are counted by two infrared beams connected to a V16+. When a guest load of twenty-five is reached, it triggers the other show controllers; the entire visit if fully automated, allowing the exhibit to be run with minimum personnel during the winter.

One technical booth contains all the equipment: five V16+, two IO64, two DMX Machines and a LightCue. Together they control the entire facility, including 35mm film projectors, wind machines, automated projectors, smoke, special effects, and even the restroom lights!

For audio and video, more than 35 DVM2’s are used, as well as 27 DAM’s and a full Digital Binloop cage. 

Typically, the building was ready for programming just two days before opening. Yet because of the ease of programming the Alcorn McBride equipment, this was sufficient time to complete the job and still allow for attention to the details, so that no tweaking was necessary after the opening.

The contractor was IEC, the largest AV contractor in Europe and Philippe Fouere was the project manager. The system was programmed by Henry Corrado of COMM-TEC France, during a 35-hour marathon installation session.

David Geoghegan and Henry Corrado abandon ship.


the building was ready for programming just two days before opening
Name Escal' Atlantic
Installation IEC
Programming H. Corrado
Audio Binloop
Video DVM2
Lighting LightCue
Show Control


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