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My company recently ordered an HD Player from Alcorn McBride for an installation we were involved in. This installation proved to be a rather difficult situation which dragged on for several months due to equipment previously ordered which did not perform as expected; this equipment did not involve you in anyway.

Due to these issues, we needed to get a solution as quickly as possible and we ran into several road blocks along the way regarding the decoding of the sound from the HD player and the decoder box we were using. It finally became evident that the decoder box was the issue and we finally rectified the problem.

It is not often that I have the time to do this but I feel this time it is warranted. I am extremely impressed with the service your company showed me and lengths you went to for a viable solution, in particular Mike Polder. He went out of his way and often contacted us to see what stage we were at. Trust me this does not happen often.

If Mike is an indication of how your company operates, you will continue to out-perform the competition.

Thanks again,

Ross Hazlehurst


I am extremely impressed
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