Case Study:
The Adventure of Electricity

Electropolis is a museum of electricity in Belfort, France. The museum presents electricity in all its forms, from production to its many uses.

For summer 2001, a new zone opens to the public. This new zone will be used as the starting point of a visit to the museum.

In order to manage the flow of visitors, the host has a screen allowing him to decide the time of departure of each group, as well as the language of the presentation that follows them through the museum.The application software was developed by Alcorn McBride.

In the preshow, a screen displays the wait time and selected language. At the time of departure, the group is invited to enter a 240 foot long corridor where animated sections of a giant model come to life, depicting various means of production of electrical energy.

As visitors reach the end of this nine-minute presentation they enter a room of video projection where a film incorporating many special effects is presented in their language.

At the end of the film, they can continue their visit in a variety of ways, viewing various experiments and displays. One of the most impressive is a steam generator dating from the 19th century, equipped with an 18 foot diameter dynamo.

A single V16+ controls this entire area. It receives starting instructions from the PC located in the technical control area. (In the event of failure of the PC, the show can be controlled directly from the V16+.) The V16+ communicates with the audio and video players, the videos projectors, and the audio processor. 

Approximately 300 channels of DMX are used for the lighting of the model, all controlled by a DMX Machine connected to the V16+.

Vincent Guilder, the technical person in charge of IEC Belfort supervised the installation according to the design specification by the engineering and design department of Québécois TBY. 

300 channels of lighting are controlled by a DMX Machine
Name Museum Electropolis
Installation IEC
Programming H. Corrado
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control V16+

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