Case Study:
The Big Yummy
Dancing farm products!

The Big Yummy ia a show at the award-winning Center of Science and Industry (CoSI) in Columbus Ohio. The control and integration of a bunch of dancing and singing farm products, presented many challenges!

Funded by (among others) the Ohio Agricultural Council, The Big Yummie is the story of a number of animatronic characters all vying for the "Yummie", the farm-products equivalent of the "Oscar".

Hosted by a talking milk carton named "Leche S. Bueno", our cast of characters -- including the likes of Corn Cob Bob and his pat of butter Pat, Tiny Tomato, Tappin' Pork Chop and a host of others -- all vie for the coveted Yummie. 

At the end of the performances, the audience is asked to vote for their favorite performer and, through the magic of show control, the show is branched to an ending featuring the winning character. 

Associates in Media Engineering (now a part of Electrosonic) provided the show systems design and integration, audio and sound design and supervision. Using a host of Alcorn products, including a V4+, Digital Binloop and LightCue, they were able to bring the project to successful fruition.

Hosted by a talking milk carton named "Leche S. Bueno"
Installation AME
Programming B. Lien
Audio Binloop
Lighting LightCue
Show Control V4+

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