Case Study:
A Letter from a Customer
Dear David,

I want to thank you and your staff for one of the best, first experiences I ever had with a company. Not only are our two new DVM's performing flawlessly, everyone you recommended to us to help was top notch.

After more than 25 years in broadcasting, I set myself up for potential disaster due to my time frame for getting the "Celebrate" exhibit up and running in the new, 12 million dollar Children's Museum: Stepping Stones.

This self-contained system uses 6 digital switchers, front projection techniques using high brightness LEDs and during the exhibit the children find themselves in the video with these two characters.

Because no one knows they are about to be blue-screened, they jump for joy when the are revealed. They dance around and do exactly what we hoped they would themselves.

This was our first experience with show control, and from what I have heard, you guys have the market sewn up.

Thanks again,

Dale M. Cihi
Videofilm Systems, Inc.

they jump for joy
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