Case Study:
The Voyage of Noah at Cerza Park
A Top Quality 3-D Hi Def Theater on a Budget

A few kilometers from Lisieux, Cerza Park is a rather unusual wildlife park: visitors can not only spend the day, they can sleep there, amid the animals, in a bungalow or a yurt, a traditional tent. They experience the African savannah, two hours from Paris.

For the 2009 season, Cerza offers its visitors a new attraction, a 3D Theater showing "The Voyage of Noah," an animated film about the preservation of fauna and flora, specially made by the company Polymorphe.

The project demanded optimal technical quality. In search of a solution that could operate without a specialist on site, Cerza turned to Alcorn McBride for the technical part of this attraction.

"The real challenge was to adapt to the budget constraints of a regional park without compromising quality," says Henry Corrado of Alcorn McBride. "But independent operators understand the long-term impact of false economy. They wish to keep their attractions running, and are sensitive to operating costs and maintenance. "

The result was a facility worthy of the largest parks. A V4 + is at the center of the Show Control. It is connected to a DMX Machine for lighting control.

A Binloop Digital HD has two HD cards for HD video of the main theater, an SD card for the preshow, and three other cards for the 6-channel audio in the main theater.

"When one has the chance to have a soundtrack of the quality of the voyage of Noah, it would be a shame to compromise on the sound using a digital format in which data have been compressed," says Henry Corrado. "We always recommend the use of independent channels, without data compression." With its ability to mix audio and video cards, the Binloop is the ideal source for this type of situation. "This solution also allows great flexibility in the choice of languages, messages and music during the arrival and departure of spectators," added Henry Corrado.

The Binloop feeds a powerful sound system consisting of Crown amplifiers and JBL speakers. The MediaMatrix X-Frame provides audio processing. It is controlled by the V4+. Sound quality is spectacular, worthy of the best spectacular high definition images produced by the Digital Binloop HD.

Cerza illustrates how it is possible to achieve high quality within a reasonable budget.

it is possible to achieve high quality within a reasonable budget
Name Park Cerza
Installation Park Cerza
Programming H. Corrado

HD Binloop

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