Case Study:
Evening Spectacular at Silver Dollar City

Celebrate is a new multi-media, laser production show at Celebration City, the theme park at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

The show, presented by Kodak, takes you through time travel of the 20th Century with dramatic effects, lasers, a massive water screen, projections with images towering over the audience and fireworks, all set to the popular music of various eras of the 20th Century.

The water "wall" is 130' X 45' (13 stories wide by more than 4 stories tall). Watch the highlights of the century unfold through high-tech special effects, including VJ-Day parades, man's first steps on the moon, rock 'n roll, disco and the computer age. This multi-million dollar production is the nightcapper culminating the day's fun.

Video is provided by the Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine 4.

The "nightcapper"
Name Silver Dollar City
Video DVM4

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