Case Study:
Amusement Park and Science Center in one

Bioscope is a combination of amusement park and science exhibit a few kilometers from Colmar. The park is a collection of buildings that host shows and animations.

The operator of the park and Co-investor, Grevin & Co asked the company X-Largo (in addition to the show that they produced for the park) to analyze the various show control equipment available and chose one system for the entire park.

Name Bioscope
Installation Electrosonic
Programming H. Corrado
Audio AM4
Video DVM-7400
Lighting LightCue
Show Control V4+

This analysis resulted in the selection of Alcorn McBride for the show control and audio/video sources, parkwide. Seven of the ten attractions were installed by Electrosonic. The other outfitters were GroupeF, etc and Software.

X-Largo recommended the installers limit the variety of different products. For each attraction, the show controller is a V16+. (Another V16+ is often used for exterior automation.) Lighting is controlled separately for each attraction using a LightCue. All video sources are DVM-7400 Digital Video Machines, which often synchronize with AM-4 Digital Audio Machines.

The entire park was programmed in just a few days.

Thanks to these choices, and despite construction delays that compressed the installation timeframe for the entire park into just a few days(!) all was ready in time to receive the first visitors. An extension of the park, which should double its capacity, is envisaged soon.


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