Case Study:
Visitor Center

BHS is the world’s largest provider of solutions for the Corrugated Industry, located in Bavaria.

The BHS visitor center shows a 15 minute movie to visitors from all over the world. After visiting the factory, a picture is taken from the visitor group, just before they enter the show room. The picture is immediately edited and transferred into the DVM4, and, before the end of the movie, the visitors can see themselves on the screen.

After the movie, there's a short light show. The room is equiped with a front projection screen, two 42" Plasmas, about 25 moving lights, a Dolby Digital Audio system and controllable chairs. All video playback is handled by a DVM4, which plays the 3 channels in sync or seperately.

The light show is stored in a LightCue, and the entire system (including the chairs) is controlled by a V4+. The projection screen is permanently installed into a frame, and the complete frame is moved up after the movie, so the moving lights won't give reflections on the screen.

The biggest challenge was the customer's request for 10 different languages; for every language, the pre-show light show had to be adjusted to be in perfect sync. The system was installed by local dealer Hippotronic, programming by COMM-TEC's Steffen Herzer.

visitors can see themselves on the screen
Name BHS
Installation Hippotronic
Programming S. Herzer




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