Case Study:
The Israeli Children's Museum
Holon, Israel

The Israel Children's Museum in Holon invites children and parents to enjoy a unique creative experience - the Museum's exhibitions encourage children to touch the objects, feel their textures, and step right into the world they represent. Interactive participation draws children into realm of imagination and fantasy, as they assume a shaping role in the stories that spring to unique center is located at the "Peres Park" in Holon, Israel. It has been open to the public since March 2001. There are currently 2 buildings totaling almost 40,000 square feet, with a four more planned.

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The museum immerses children in a magical imaginary world, with many fascinating experiences and devices which create an exciting experience. The children are invited to touch and even enter the exhibits, and to feel the textures of the different items.

The Museum is one of its kind in the country, an inter-disciplinary center, bent on recasting prevailing concept of the art. It introduces innovative options from the very first moment, in two (out of the six planned) fascinating pavilions: The Thinking-and-Feeling Pavilion and The NatureLife Pavilion. Children participate in fun hands-on activities that stimulate the imagination and let them explore their emotions, thoughts and feelings. Visitors learn about nature cycles and become familiar with different textures, shapes and colors.

A visit starts at the large tent with arts-and-crafts workshops. The children, in groups of 10, are then taken by Museum professional guides on a 90 min. tour. Each pavilion has a separate program for age 4-8 and 8-12 with its own exciting story and characters.

Alcorn McBride equipment is used extensively throughout the entire facility.

The experience was made possible with the cooperation of Barkai Benny Brookstein Ltd., which provided an integrated solution for all the audio, video and control systems, starting from the planning of the project up to the installation, programming, commissioning, operation and after-sale service of the entire system.



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