Case Study:
Volkswagen's "Auto City"

Volkswagen's Auto Stadt, or Auto City, is in Wolfsburg Germany. The project is a giant museum and entertainment complex devoted to the history and glory of both the automobile and Volkswagen, the company. There's a luxury hotel, an auto museum that includes some of the rarest and most valued vehicles in the history of the industry, interactive displays, retail and rides. Customers receive their new vehicle from one of two parking towers that are over 40 meters tall, combined the towers hold up to 400 vehicles. Volkswagen invested approximately 800 million Marks, a quarter of the entire Expo 2000 budget, in the 62 acre AutoStadt.

In the many pavilions there are over 100 Digital Video Machines, 20 Digital Audio Machines, over a dozen V16s, plus DMX Machines, IO64s, and many other pieces of show control equipment. Edwards Technologies did much of the installation work.

There is also an application page dedicated to the Seat Pavilion.

Volkswagen invested approximately 800 million Marks in AutoStadt
Name Volkswagen
Installation ETI
Programming J. Janninck
Video DVM
Audio AM4
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control


A Rack of Alcorn McBride DVMs and show controllers in one of the Autostadt pavilions.

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