Case Study:
Animated Figure with a Living Face

Atom Ltd., a UK themed entertainment company, has introduced the AniBod, an animated figure which uses an internal video projector to create a life-like face. The figure is controlled by a self-contained rack which includes an Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine.

In the past, the talking head illusion was produced by projecting the image of a real face from an external projector, onto a white mannequin's head. This had to done in a darkened room set up so that no one could walk in front of the projection beam. It also required very precise alignment of the projected image and face.

The AniBod is unique because there's a modified miniature video projector totally within the body of the mannequin. Using a mirror and back projection, it displays the facial features onto a frosted plastic face. Because the neck, head, face and projector position are solidly linked to each other it can't go out of alignment.

Animation using rear-projection video is much more practical to maintain.
The Anibod is shown here opened up to expose the video projection mechanism.
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