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Alcorn McBride engineers innovative audio, video, lighting, and show control products.  Please use these videos to learn about interesting product features, installation tips, and newest products.

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ShowTouch iOS and iBeacon Now iOS devices can react automatically to locations throughout a facility using our ShowTouch for iOS and Apple’s new iBeacons. Maintenance and Operations personnel equipped with an iPad or other iOS device will be presented with an automatically selected user interface, depending upon where they are.

Ask Alcorn - How much storage do I need for my media?

In this Ask Alcorn segment, Hunter talks about how to figure out how much flash you need for your audio/video/lighting data.

Ask Alcorn - How accurate is GPS?

In this Ask Alcorn, Hunter answers the question: How accurate GPS is when used with our GPS products - DVM8400, DVM8500, TourTraXX, AM4?

Ask Alcorn - What is the difference between Balanced and Unbalanced Audio?

In this Ask Alcorn segment, Hunter discusses some of the differences between Balanced and Unbalanced audio.

Ask Alcorn - Binloop Differences

In this Ask Alcorn segment, we discuss the differences (and similarities) between the Digital Binloop, the A/V Binloop and the A/V Binloop HD.

Ask Alcorn - Can you explain video compression in 60 seconds or less?

In this Ask Alcorn segment, Hunter explains how video compression works.

Ask Alcorn - What is the origin of the Binloop name?

In this Ask Alcorn, we answer a very frequently asked question: what is the origin of the Binloop name?


AMI WinscriptLive: Timeline Overview

Timeline is the newest feature for our WinscriptLive software. This video will help you understand how to use this product, as well as, show you some of the new features. For more information: V16 Pro: Contact us: 407-296-5800 or

NAB Interview Alcorn McBride SetPlayer

Scott Harkless talks about the features and benefits of Alcorn McBride's SetPlayer. The SetPlayer line offers single and multichannel video players designed for on-set video playback specifically for the Broadcast market.

Touch for iPad

Scott Harkless demos Alcorn McBride's Touch for iPad app

Alcorn McBride DMX OverRide

Jim explains the DMX OverRide. A DMX utility device to protect against DMX dropouts and override DMX data to instant on work lights, emergency lighting, or event lighting.

SetPlayer and DNF ShotBox

Alcorn McBride's Broadcast solution using SetPlayer and DNF equipment

UDP Remote

Alcorn McBride demos the UDP Remote app for the iPhone. An app for portable show control.

Introductory to Alcorn McBride Pro Controllers Product Training Class


This class provides an introduction to Alcorn McBride Pro Controllers. Topics include: The V16Pro, V4Pro, WinScript Live, and Touch. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The class is instructed by Jeremy Scheinberg and contains review questions at the end of each section. It is perfect for anyone new to the line or for anyone who needs a refresher. It is a prerequisite for attending our Advanced Control Training Class.

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